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There are so many reasons to join The Gaian Collective. Reading through this list of benefits and offerings can help you decide which membership level best fits your journey at this time. Please let us know if you have any questions!


We need inspiration in this world. We need to experience, remember, feel, and see joyfulness happening. It is part of what helps humans thrive.


Starseeds from The Gaian Collective provide inspiration by sharing stories, photos, poems, accomplishments or some other way to shine light on the loveliness of life!


We are humans having a human experience and often times the struggle is real. Starseeds are like newsletter nuggets to provide you a little spark for your day as well as connections and information for what is coming up for The Gaian Collective. 

You can see examples of this offering here and here.

This offering is included when you join at the $35 Spark membership level.


Nurturing Natural  Connections


As a $60 Flame or $100 Ember level member, you will receive 4 Nurturing Natural Connections a year.

This offering is designed to help guide you in celebrating the Sacred Connection between you and Nature. It is a framework that helps you create a ritual/ceremony/meditation to honor the changing of the seasons.


Within a Nurturing Natural Connection you will find a simple ceremony framework that you can build upon, Tarot and Oracle Spreads, Journal Prompts, Historical/Herstorical Cultural/Seasonal information, plus Affirmations and Mantras, and other juicy tidbits and surprises!


The Nurturing Natural Connections represents The Gaian Collectives commitment to living the 15 Pillars. Nurturing Natural Connections seeks to inspire you to find ways to connect with the Earth in our increasingly busy world.

You can see an example of one of these ceremonies here.

Nurturing Natural Connections


The Gaian Collective holds seasonal member only ceremonial events. We co-create ceremonies as a way to come together and honor life and our journey. During these ceremonies, members will be guided in ritual and/or practices for the occasion.


These ceremonies are a time to grow and gather our community, get to know one another, and receive with open hearts and open minds in a virtual space.

Some of these ceremonies might include celebrations for winter solstice, Beltane, spring equinox, summer solstice, Samhain, and autumnal equinox.

These ceremonies are available to all members who Join at the $60 Flame or $100 Ember level. 


Community Weavings

DSC_1432 (1)_edited.jpg

Free events open to anyone in person and on Zoom. Click here to learn more and discover what's happening near you!

Interested in creating your own circle to weave community where you live? The Gaian Collective is here to help. Join at the $35 Spark level and you'll have access to our Weaving the Hoop that Connects intergenerational women's circle handbook, written by Mary Shackelford and Kristina Turner. This nine month guide gifts those who use it with the wisdom and beauty that these two facilitators have honed over years of community ceremony.


Interested in co-creating a different type of circle? Contact us--our Board of Directors has decades of experience facilitating circles for all types of people, walks of life, and reasons to gather. 

Community Weaving

We can't wait to meet you.

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