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Image by Jan Kopřiva


The Gaian Collective is an organization of change and growth. Reflecting on our long journey of transformation brings to mind a snake, which as it develops, sheds its skin becoming anew.

The snake that most emulates this view is the Ouroboros which devours itself endlessly.  Cultures around the world throughout history have recognized the ouroboros as a symbol of harmony and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

We can take solace and inspiration from the powerful message of this symbol.  The act of change can appear daunting and scary. However, change with purpose and loving support, can be a beautiful part of the journey. Each of us, and The Gaian Collective are continuously on this journey.

This year our Board has been guided to offer our membership a 9 month Circle we are calling the Ouroboros Circle. As the Ouroboros eats itself it begins to evolve. It is the destruction of the self to be reborn as a new version of the self.

It is our hope that the Ouroboros Circle will offer our members an opportunity to come to the table where they are. 


So lean in and join us for a transformative circle where you can Explore, Experience, and Lead as a part of a sacred circle that meets once a month.  



  • topics and rituals that will help you shed your skin and be who you are


  • the journey with others who are doing the same


  • by stepping into your talents and knowledge and sharing them with the group and in your own community

Image by Jan Kopřiva


INVESTMENT: $60 at the Flame Membership Level for the year or $8 dollars a month for 12 months.


WHERE: Magick of Zoom


WHEN: 90 minute circles starting at 4:30pm PST for 9 months beginning in March and skipping July


March 3rd

April 7th,

May 19th

June 9th

August 4th

September 8th

October 6th

November 10th

December 1st

Lean into your spirit's journey this year and join us!

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