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The Gaian Collective Board of Directors is made up of individuals who are volunteering their time and talents to carrying out the vision and mission of the organization. You'll find all our board members active in their communities as well as within the collective. 

For a list of upcoming meetings, see our calendar. For past minutes or annual reports and to inquire about joining the Board or participating on a deeper level, please contact us here!




Madrone Kalil Schutten (She/Her/They) is a professor at Northern  Arizona  University and has her PH.D. In Communication Studies. They have been teaching interpersonal, team, race/gender, environmental, and leadership courses in communication for over 20 years. She studies grief and eco grief as well environmental communication specifically as it relates to humans interacting with the more-than-human (animal) word. 


They have over 20 years experience with co-creating earth-based ceremony and community weaving and are the founder of Taproot Journeys LLC. She is a certified end of life doula for humans and animal companions, breathwork facilitator, grief worker, and ceremonialist. 


Madrone believes whole heartedly in the power of comm-unity to create and energize humans through ceremony, learning, and cracking open to our authentic selves. 




Rachel Soumokil is originally from Arizona and a recent Michigan transplant. She is a hospice nurse providing education, support, and comfort to those at end of life. 

Rachel has been on the board of The Gaian Collective since its inception and is excited to bring the love and creativity of the organization to Michigan.




GinaMarie Byars is from Flagstaff, AZ. She is a station manager at Sun Sounds of Arizona and puts on community events with Rugged Nature Productions.


She has served on the board of directors for The Gaian Collective since its inception. She is excited to practice "inafa'maolek" (a Chamoru concept meaning "to restore harmony") by serving on the board.


At Large Member

Christian Kolesar is originally from Flagstaff, AZ but currently lives in Portland, OR. He is the founder of SunStar Tarot and has been facilitating connection to Spirit through sacred circles, ceremonies, and meditations for over 15 years.  


As a Sun worshiper and Triple Fire Sign, their inner flame shines brightest when they're working in community. Christian has served on the board of directors since its inception and is looking forward to bringing the energy of sacred fire to The Gaian Collective.



At Large Member

Keith Caplin is from Phoenix, AZ. He is a high school science teacher as well as a facilitator of a variety of spiritually based community events in the Phoenix area. 

Keith is excited to serve on the board of The Gaian Collective. He's excited to bring his energy and ideas to the board to help create a collective community where members can explore and expand their own gifts. 



At Large Member

Kelley Ingols is a native of Flagstaff, Arizona and currently living in Utah. She has been working with children in an educational setting for over 22 years and guiding yoga practice for several decades. She facilitates  Wheel of the Year and Moon ceremonies both in person and on zoom and loves being out in the natural world.


Kelley has been on the board to see it into fruition. She enjoys weaving in all aspects of life and to be of service to the community. She is looking forward to all the connections and growth that will come.

Want to learn even more about The Gaian Collective? Read about our history, mission, values, and more here!

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